Frequently Asked Questions of PSI

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Can we continue to use our current closure, or am I required to use one from PSI?

PSI has the capability of converting almost any closure to a vented format. However, we do not manufacture or mold caps – we purchase unlined closures from a number of manufacturers and convert them to a vented format at our facility. If your closure manufacturer can make arrangements to ship your UNLINED closures to PSI, it is likely that we can install our Circumvent and/or AirFoil vented liners into them.

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Do we send our caps to PSI to have them converted to a vented format, or can we buy the complete vented cap from PSI?

Our customers use either method. Some send us unlined caps that they have purchased, however, most of our customers simply buy the complete cap/liner directly from PSI.

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I noticed that the samples we received have a hole in the cap. Is it possible to have a vented cap without a hole in it?

Yes. Although venting your container with a cap that has a hole in it is the most fail-safe way to vent your container, Circumvent is also available in a format that does not require a hole be placed in the cap. Many of our customers do not wish to have a hole in their cap for a variety of reasons (mostly due to aesthetic concerns). In these cases, we offer a grooved-backed version of Circumvent. This version allows gases into or out of the container by channeling them around the threads of the closure via grooves in the liner. These grooves remain open even though the cap liner is providing a secure seal for the container. Both versions provide a reliable, non-leaking vented closure.
View a demonstration of the venting process with and without a hole in the cap.

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Can we buy just the Circumvent or AirFoil liner from PSI?

Yes. Our vented liner materials are available to closure manufacturers or users in a variety of strip-widths, thicknesses, and multiple head configurations. Contact us to discuss the details.

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Does PSI offer a vented heat-induction foil?

Yes. AirFoil™ is a vented heat-induction foil liner that is designed to eliminate the risk of leakage. Typically used in conjunction with our Circumvent foam liner as a “back-up” liner, a layer of AirFoil™ is the perfect solution for those clients that require tamper evidence or the added protection of an induction sealed container, yet still need to vent the container. AirFoil™ is available in either a clean-peel or weld-seal format for HDPE, PET, PVC and other container materials.

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Will Circumvent and/or AirFoil work with my formulation?

Based on the broad chemical compatibility of our Circumvent and AirFoil liners, it is likely that we can solve your container swelling or collapsing problems regardless of the contents of your package. However, it is ultimately every client’s responsibility to properly test the materials for compatibility and function. Samples are available for testing.

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What closure sizes and styles are available?

The list is virtually endless. We have the capability of converting closures of varying heights and diameters from 13mm – 110mm to a vented format. We can work with standard screw closures, child-resistant closures, and many specialty or dispensing closures. Some closures are linerless and can be converted as well. Contact us to discuss your needs. The more we know about your application, the more we can help.

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What does the term “hydrophobic” mean?

A hydrophobic media, membrane, or material is designed to allow air to pass through it, but stop the passage of liquids. Circumvent™ and AirFoil™ utilize a special hydrophobic material to allow air to pass into or out of the container while preventing liquids from leaking out.

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Can air go in or out of my container if I use Circumvent™ or AirFoil™?

Yes. Circumvent™ and AirFoil™ utilize a “bi-directional” venting material that allows air to pass in either direction depending upon the conditions. Whether pressure builds-up within the container or a vacuum is formed, Circumvent™ or AirFoil™ will prevent the package from swelling or collapsing, and will act as a sterile barrier. Circumvent™ and AirFoil™ act as a sterile barrier.

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