Challenges Facing Business Today

Showing the process of challenges

Societal Trends and Global Integration Create Opportunity… And Demand Integrated Solutions

The demands placed on business that manufacture and distribute liquid and powdered products are immense and getting more complex all the time. Societal trends are changing expectations:

  • There is an increased call for sustainable packaging, which requires less plastics being used
  • Using increased concentrations in formulas to shrink containers, preserve shelf space and reducing the costly shipment of water
  • A global customer base with increasingly high standards for the delivery of your brand promise

These trends put demands on product formulation, package design and integrity, manufacturing practices and distribution. Package performance and integrity is more complicated and more important than ever. Containers need to:

  • Preserve product integrity from facility to store and beyond
  • Withstand the increased use of biologicals in concentrations, such as citrus-based formulas, which can cause air scavenging and corrosion
  • Eliminate safety concerns over product leakage–from fill to customer usage
    Deliver brand recognition and expectations
  • Handle transportation across multiple micro-climates, and sometimes global distribution

These demands focus attention on the relationship between the product and the package that contains it. What are you doing to accommodate these container pressures without trading off your product integrity or bottom line? Fixing the symptoms and not the source of the problem will create new problems that will cascade up or down your “concept to customer” process.