Past & Costly Thinking

The solution process

Old Thinking Can Solve the Problem….But Can You Afford the Solution?

Solving for the effects of physics and chemistry on a container, specifically the issues of off- gassing, pressure equalization, temperature changes and paneling, may be solved by:

  • Diluting your formula
  • Adding plastic to the bottle
  • Adding an in-line chiller to normalize the temperature before closure

However, each of these “solutions” come with tradeoffs:

  • Shipping water – adding weight and size
  • Putting more plastic in the land fill
  • Adding costly equipment
  • Customer dissatisfaction

These past solutions solved the “symptoms” and not the source of the problem, which is costly and leads to more problems elsewhere in the “concept to customer” process.

In reality, solving for container requirements should include a longer-range integrated approach, creating value and removing costs for you and your customer.