Implementing Your Custom Solution

Any solution, whether custom or “off the shelf”, can be costly to implement if it does not fit your existing capabilities and manufacturing processes. We understand a solution for container breathability is not an integrated solution if it is delivered to you in a way that causes expensive delays or is just impossible to incorporate…

…so PSI can deliver your customized solution in three ways.

In CapsPre-Cut Discs

On roll stock which can be delivered in various widths, registration configurations and thicknesses.

In caps with vents already placed and ready for use, including child-resistant and dispensing types (18mm to 110 standard).

As pre-cut discs or “wads” which you place within the cap or on the container.

We even provide design and engineering capabilities to convert virtually any closure to a vented format.

The capability and flexibility we have in delivering you container venting solution is just one more demonstration of why PSI should be your source for innovative solutions. Another reason is the economics of the entire project and why PSI is the only source that can offer you a customized solution without the customized cost.

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