Delivered Product Formats

Being Flexible in How Your Venting Solution is Delivered

PSI prides itself on being able to deliver a customized solution for your container venting needs. But we also know it is imperative that this solution be delivered to you in a way that fits:

Being Flexible in How Your Venting Solution is Delivered

PSI Never Delivers a Square Peg for a Round Hole – Only Right Solutions.

  • Your manufacturing processes and capabilities
  • Your container requirements
  • Your distribution demands

Unless a breathability solution works on your terms it will incur costly production and re-tooling expenses and stagnate innovation.

Our Experience Leads To Your Savings

Having worked with numerous clients with countless challenges we’ve become adept at creating highly customized solutions. Yes, we have standard forms of delivering your product, but we also can be very creative about adapting to a deliverable form that will match your capabilities and processes to save time and money. Regardless of your container requirements or cap size and style, PSI will work with you to find the right fit. Just some of the ways we will work with you:

Lined Caps

Countless uses for many industries…Standard, child-resistant and dispensing closures

Cut Discs

Foam and/or Foil– Trigger Sprayer Applications– Dip Tube Applications – Custom Cutting

Roll Stock

Roll Stock

With registration and vents placed for perfect alignment with your caps.

Linerless Caps

Drain-back closures, standard linerless closures, and custom molded closures

Specialty & Custom Applications

Unique closures, fitments, and dispensing applications


Friction-fit molded vents