Industries Served

Across Many Industries and Many Applications, Containers Need to Breathe

PSI works with many industries to solve the problems of container paneling and bloating. While each custom solution may differ, all industries face the common problem of allowing a container to breathe without leaking so that pressures from within and without remain equalized.

Whether the container holds harsh chemicals and cleaners for industry or household consumer products, PSI can adapt our technology and science to your particular needs.

For a deeper look at our past experience in your particular industry, click on the sub-categories below.

Consumer Product Industry

Consumer Products

PSI has done extensive work for the consumer products industry with a number of clients. Our venting solutions have gone into containers of all shapes and sizes for food, household cleaners, and detergents while maintaining the brand integrity. The increasing demand for using organic or biological bases and concentrated formulas can all be effectively dealt with by utilizing our venting solutions.

Agriculture Chemical Industry

Agricultural Chemicals

Fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides; liquids, powders or granules – all can pose their own unique set of challenges for containers of all sizes. Letting the contai ners breathe, however, without spillage or corrosion effects have all been successfully dealt with by using PSI products for the agricultural chemical industry.

Industrial Cleaners and Chemical's industry

Industrial Cleaners & Chemicals

Harsh and sometimes hazardous chemicals and cleaners, strong enough for industry, require an integrated, complete solution for containers storing them. PSI understands the industrial cleaners and chemicals industry very well. Our venting solutions provide safe and effective solutions to bloating and paneling concerns in a tough industry requiring tough containers.

Lab & Analysis or Life Sciences industries

Life Science & Laboratory

Lab & Analysis or Life Sciences industries utilize PSI venting products in a great number of different ways. Many clients use our products for clean room applications, forensics, testing and other ways by allowing us to incorporate the same types of membranes and processes to meet their needs under stringent requirements.

Petro Chemical Products


Petrochemical Products have long been a part of our repertoire of applications for PSI venting solutions. While requirements might be unique for this industry remember that all of our venting solutions are customized, and so each product still gets an integrated solution, no matter the end use or user.

No matter what the industry, product or application, PSI can customize a venting solution to relieve the problems of bloating and paneling, and deliver your custom solution in a form that integrates within your manufacturing and container make processes. See our available forms of delivering your venting products.