Agricultural Chemicals

PSI and the Agriculture Chemicals Industry

Performance Systematix, Inc. understands your need to find technically sound solutions to the many packaging challenges that exist in the Agricultural Chemical industry. We also understand the demand that such solutions meet strict economic objectives. PSI works to bring a balanced solution to bear on your packaging challenges – a solution that works for your organization both technically and economically.


Diverse AgChem product categories, including fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides, exist in various liquid and dry product forms, yet all pose potential challenging packaging issues. Some of these product formulations will off-gas, causing dangerous pressure build-up and bottle bloating or swelling, while other formulations absorb gas and cause the container to collapse or panel. Both of these issues can be further exacerbated by changes in altitude and/or temperature, and all can combine to significantly impact container safety and salability.


PSI’s container venting solutions (Circumvent® and AirFoil® vented cap liner products?) are uniquely suited to provide cost effective solutions that are technically sound. They simultaneously meet your demands to maintain product efficacy, package safety and integrity, and packaging cost objectives by reducing:

  • Bottle gram weight
  • Costly post-molding bottle treatments, like fluorination
  • Costly claims, returns and allowances

Working with your existing container, closure and liner systems, PSI can develop venting solutions that protect your brand and product image, and help to prevent costly tampering and counterfeiting. Access to multiple liner and venting materials, combined with our ability to modify the venting properties of our solutions, means that PSI can customize a solution to meet the unique demands of your application:

  • High airflow solutions to accommodate highly active formulations
  • Low airflow solutions to for products sensitive to moisture vapor transmission
  • Solutions for all container types, including HDPE, PP, PET, PVC
  • Solutions that utilize your current closure and liner materials

PSI solutions are available for lined cap applications, as well as linerless cap applications.

Contact us to discuss your packaging challenges. PSI will work with you to develop a solution that satisfies the needs all areas within your organization – from R&D to Marketing, and from Procurement to Shipping.