Consumer Industry

PSI and the Consumer Industry


  • Cleaning Products
  • Lotions
  • Baby Products
  • Hair Care
  • Nutra-Pharmaceuticals

While the formulations for the above list of consumer products varies greatly they all have one thing in common: When packaged their containers are prone to bloating and paneling. There is nothing that can absolutely stop the laws of physics and chemistry on and in a container, but there is one thing all of these consumer products can benefit from which will mitigate science’s effects: Let the container breathe.

PSI partners with customers and suppliers to provide viable product alternatives and solutions that are functional and help meet the bottom line. While the formulations may differ greatly, we can customize a venting solution for each one while keeping the costs down. In working with the consumer products industry we manufacture quality products that provide:

  • Safety – by keeping products properly contained and preventing container failure such as bloating, paneling, leaking, etc.
  • Protection – by maintaining package integrity to protect everyone during the handling of containers from fill to store shelf.
  • Performance – by meeting stringent industry regulations and product performance criteria.
  • Brand Maintenance – by improving the image of the brand through delivery of intact containers to the shopper.

The result is improved process efficiency through minimized claims and returns, and increased profitability…good for formula makers, container manufacturers and the end customer alike.

A PSI solution for the problems of chemistry and physics can also be made to fit within parameters that are good for everyone, from manufacturing to shoppers. Contact us to see how adaptable we are at delivering your venting solution.