Industrial Cleaners & Chemicals

PSI and the Industrial Cleaners and Chemicals Industry

Whether you’re packaging solvents in a small bottles, or cleaners in a 4×1 gallon configuration, or institutional sterilants in large containers, you have likely encountered packages that struggle to keep their proper shape. There are many reasons why containers may need to vent:

  • Product off-gassing causes bloating
  • Oxygen scavenging or product migration causes paneling
  • Changes in altitude and/or temperature cause container distortion and fatigue
  • Dispensing from a closed container causes impaired flow

PSI works to assist you with all these situations. We have over 25 years of helping packages of all sizes and styles keep their shape, while meeting important regulatory compliance. Come to us with your problematic formulations and deformed containers and our engineers will develop a venting solution that will meet your technical needs and your cost objectives.

The range of products for which PSI has created effective venting solutions include:

  • Bleaches
  • Peroxides
  • Solvents
  • Oils
  • Acids
  • And many more!

PSI has a long history of working with many closure styles and sizes, converting them to a vented format that allows your package to breathe without leaking. Utilizing your existing closure and liner configurations, PSI can create customized solutions that allow you to optimize your formulations, while maintaining important package integrity and safety.

The result is a package that saves you money by reducing costly claims and allowances, reducing the need for added bottle gram weight, and minimizing the need for costly fluorination. Our venting solutions can be applied to a complete range of standard and custom closures:

  • Standard CT Closures
  • Child-Resistant Closures
  • Dispensing Closures
  • Linerless Closures
  • Industrial Closures

PSI has the unique ability to combine vent materials with vent designs to develop custom solutions. So, whether you have an extremely active formulation that requires maximum venting capacity or a formulation sensitive to product-loss, PSI can create a solution to meet your needs. Contact us for more information.