Lab & Analysis, Life Sciences

PSI and the Life Science and Laboratory Industry

PSI has developed a unique capability to work with various forms of membranes and other filter media to create a variety of Laboratory and Life Science products – from vented closures used on Tissue and Cell Culture vessels, where the need for sterile air exchange is critical for robust cell growth without the risk of contamination, to vented closures that help safely store chemical laboratory waste.

Working with a very diverse base of media, from microporous ePTFE laminates to microglass depth media, PSI can develop products and solutions that meet the critical demands of products used in a variety of applications:

  • Vented Cell Culture caps and accessories
  • Vented washer bottle caps
  • Cambridge-type filters
  • Gas line filters
  • Suction canister filters
  • Vented Caps for waste containers

Specialty Applications

Developing venting closures, filters, and components that need to breathe without allowing the passage of liquids or contaminants is our specialty. Come to us with your venting concepts and ideas and our experienced engineers will help develop a means to make them a reality – come to us with your laboratory container venting problems and we can help resolve them.