PSI and the Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemicals comprise a broad and diverse group of products, but they all can create havoc on their packaging.

The solvents used in 2-cycle or other oil products, or the aromatics used in various petrochemical products can often scavenge oxygen from the headspace or migrate through the walls of HDPE containers, causing unsightly paneling or collapsing of the container.

Should you elect to hot-fill some of the more viscous petrochemical products, the issue of paneling can be brought about even more quickly as the product in a closed container cools after hot-filling; creating negative pressure within the container.

Let it Breathe!

All of these issues can be resolved if the container is allowed to breathe!

Incorporating PSI’s venting solutions into your containers can eliminate the packaging problems brought on by oxygen scavenging, product migration, off-gassing, as well as temperature and altitude changes. Our venting solutions are uniquely suited to provide cost effective solutions that are technically sound – that simultaneously meet your demands to maintain product efficacy, package safety and integrity, and packaging cost objectives.

A Balanced Solution

Our engineers with work with you to clearly understand your products’ performance requirements, and the packaging challenges you face. They then set to work to develop an integrated solution that meets the critical performance elements of your application while delivering it in a way that makes economic sense.

Talk to us about to learn how we can work with your current closure or its components to convert them to a breathable format; allowing air in or out of your container without product leakage – ridding you of the headaches related to collapsed or bloated containers.