Proprietary Products

PSI’s Flagship Products: Circumvent® and AirFoil®

Circumvent® and AirFoil® are patented vented liner systems developed to eliminate the swelling or collapsing of plastic containers by allowing them to “breathe” without leaking. These innovative vented liners replace traditional foam, pulp, paper, or foil liners and provide a non-leaking seal.

PSI converts standard foam and heat induction liner products to a vented format by utilizing various breathable materials including polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane. This membrane has a unique microporous structure that repels liquids, yet safely allows the free passage of air to maintain equilibrium within a closed container.

Using Circumvent® and/or AirFoil® Containers can be vented in two ways:

  • Via a hole in the cap
  • Via grooved-back liner, or pulp-back induction foil (no hole necessary)

Benefits of Circumvent®:

  • Repels liquids
  • Allows bi-directional free passage of air to equalize pressure in containers
  • Eliminates container bloating and paneling
  • Provides non-leaking seal
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • High liquid intrusion rating

Benefits of AirFoil®:

  • Same venting characteristics as Circumvent®
  • Provides important tamper evidence
  • Ensures a positive seal between cap and container
  • Compatible with many container substrates/resins

PSI Venting Solutions Allow You To:

  • Differentiate with proven results
  • Reduce claims and returns due to bloating or paneling problems
  • Maintain desired shelf appearance of package
  • Increase and improve package safety
  • Optimize Formulas
  • Improve Stability

But not all formulas or containers are the same. Determining which vented liner is right for your application is critical to success. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

PSI’s specialty products are the right solution for your unique applications and distinctive formulations!

More Innovative PSI Products


Sometimes the fragrance in the bottle needs to be experienced. Smells embedded in the packaging rarely give off the true scent and for many consumers they like to “try before they buy”. This only leads to product waste at the store shelf.

ScentVent™ vented heat induction liners allow the true scent of your product to come through, yet provide the same leak-proof protection of standard heat induction liners.

Designed with the only vented heat induction foil on the market today, ScentVent™ offers:
Scentvent Vented Liner Solution

  • ePTFE membranes which repel liquids, yet allows the fragrance to escape
  • Prevention of container distortion and leaking
  • Suited to a broad chemical compatibility
  • A high liquid intrusion rating
  • And provides package security and integrity at the store shelf

Think of all of the products you deal with where the fragrance is an integral component of the shopping experience, and then talk to us about ScentVent™.



Specialty Products

When you consider the many different container shapes, and sizes and the array of applications and formulas, it is easy to see why a custom venting solution is so advantageous, especially when compared to “off the shelf” solutions that are “force fitted” to your application. Working with the industry’s special requirements and unique applications is a daily occurrence at PSI, and our quick processes and quality assurance programs allow us to be nimble and cost effective.

PSI can convert virtually any closure or container to a vented format. We provide custom design and engineering services, and have on-site prototype development capabilities. Our expertise allows us to modify vent sizes and membrane properties to fit your specific needs. PSI’s production processes are designed for flexibility in manufacturing with minimal tooling changes for most applications.
Linerless applications include:

  • Drain-back closures
  • Standard linerless closures
  • Custom molded closure

Talk to us about your special needs, and let us develop a prototype for you.