Integrated Collaboration

PSI Advantage Integrated Collaboration

Integrating Your Team with Ours: Building on the Collaborative Efforts in Two Ways

Integrating Your Team with Ours: Building on the Collaborative Efforts in Two Ways

Whether we come to you or you send a team to our facility, we work shoulder to shoulder to form a more perfect solution to the problems of bloating and paneling. Our solutions always contain two parts: the technical solution and the business requirements.

By first taking a look at the technical side of the process, we work with you to intimately understand:

  • The problems that now exist and where they are occurring; i.e., at fill, at the formula level or in transportation, etc.
  • The type of formula that is going into the containers; its base and chemicals
  • Your anticipated container design and how a solution involving venting would fit within your processes

We also talk with individuals up and down your distribution chain to make sure we uncover and understand potential problems wherever they might occur.

Unlike “off the shelf” solutions which leave many variables unaccounted for, our joint efforts ensure all factors are understood and addressed.

In addition, because we go a step further during our investigation of your needs, we deliver the solution to you in a way that fits your manufacturing processes. You can see all of the ways PSI venting products are delivered to you, but know it is our goal to balance a technically advanced and customized solution with an economically advantaged one as well.

To see how PSI can integrate a customized solution that is balanced with the economics of the project requires an understanding of our unique capabilities. We call it the “teeter totter” effect; another way PSI integrates innovative thinking with your innovative solution.