Teeter Totter Economics

The Cost Equation Solved

PSI Advantage Teeter Totter EconomicsPSI has the unique ability to strike a balance between “technical customization” and “manufacturing affordability”.

We don’t just talk about an integrated solution, we deliver it in a way that makes economic sense.

Many times there is a fear that “custom” means higher costs. PSI understands that your margins are important to maintain on any project. The second aspect to our collaborative process therefore must address the full spectrum of the distribution channel, including the economics.

Fortunately we can deliver both: a customized solution and affordability.

While working on the aspects of your technical solution we will ask you about your manufacturing capabilities. It doesn’t do a lot of good if the venting solution we deliver to you is not easily adapted to your manufacturing process. That is why PSI has a number of different delivery methods, one of which is sure to be in line with your processes and capabilities. You can see the many options for our venting products and forms of delivery here.

But it is PSI’s proprietary technology that really makes the difference and the reason no one else can deliver your customized solution economically.

We don’t just talk about an integrated solution, we deliver it in a way that makes economic sense.

It is our own technology and equipment which can cut, place, and adhere the layers required for your customized solution faster and cheaper than our competitors. This includes minimizing costly material needed for your breathability solution.

Some might be able to develop a customized venting solution, others can claim to deliver a venting solution to you quickly, but PSI is the only manufacturer that has the ability to do both and do it in a way that fits within your manufacturing processes.

The value of working with PSI rests in the fact that we take integration seriously. From the distribution chain to the alignment of your requirements to our expertise and processes, we will work to create a solution for you that is not only technically but economically advantageous.

Integrated Thinking…Integrated Solutions; That is the PSI Value. That is why our customers repeatedly return to us, and why we have enjoyed serving so many industries.