About Us

Our Story

PSI enables packaging to breathe. This maintains the desired appearance and product protection by preventing problems like swelling and panelling. But we don’t sell venting products, we sell venting solutions. Every application has unique challenges, so we work with you, from product concept to shelf presentation. This is how we ensure you get the combination of performance and economics your product needs.

We serve a host of industries with little in common except a dependence on quality packaging. Whether our customers are in consumer products, agricultural, institutional, professional or industrial chemicals, life sciences or the medical field, they all rely on package venting solutions for reliability, appearance, and protection. Some customers come to us for our unique, breathable materials, while others ask us to assemble our materials with their closures. However you want to work, we can accommodate your needs.

PSI is now in it’s fourth decade. Spotting the unique potential of ePTFE to solve the problem of package swelling and panelling, our founders formed a company to develop and sell solutions. A few years and two Ann Arbor offices after their launch, PSI needed more space and moved the operation to Grand Rapids.

Within fifteen years PSI outgrew two locations and yet again needed more space. This time, we built a new facility specific to our work flow requirements. The new plant opened in 2004, and with 63,000 sq.ft. configured to our exact growing needs.