Knowledge is Power, and Experience is the Source of Knowledge

In our over quarter of a century experience, PSI has worked with some of the most versatile manufacturers of containers and directly with formula producers to become a worldwide presence for container venting solutions. In that time our experience has led us to be involved with a multitude of industries; from agricultural to consumer products, from petrochemical to medical and more. (You can view the industries we serve.)

Our experiences have led us to develop container venting solutions for all types of formulas; caustic, biologically based, foods, heavy-duty cleaners and chemicals in powders, liquids and granules, just to name a few.

In addition, we have helped laboratories provide clean environments for air analysis and culture testing, and specialty applications are commonplace at PSI.

In all cases, we have been able to develop customized solutions in partnership with our clients that have not only satisfied their container or filter demands but been delivered in forms that fit their manufacturing processes, all with an eye on fiscal responsibility. (You can read about our beliefs in “teeter-totter” economics to understand how we can deliver this rare combination.)