What We Do


Transport costs are rising. eCommerce is making distribution ever more complex. Retail shelf space is at a premium and consumers are more discerning. Packaging is in the crosshairs, expected to deliver higher performance at lower cost. That’s why manufacturers are looking for packaging breakthroughs that don’t compromise the product itself.

PSI understands these challenges, and works with manufacturers to develop innovative new packaging solutions. Chemical compatibility, waste reduction, RFID, trigger sprayers and the switch from glass to resins. Difficult issues to be sure, but we have the expertise to help.

  • Increasing product appeal

    Package bloat and swell is a growing problem as hot fill increases and plastics replace glass. This makes shelving difficult and dissuades the consumer from buying. Innovative venting solutions can meet these needs, satisfying both retailer and end-user.

  • Eliminating Waste

    When packaging can’t breathe elevation and temperature changes can lead to spillage. We’re experts in these problems and work with manufacturers to develop packaging that eliminates waste. We even have solutions to the challenge of transmitting fragrance without spilling product.

  • Helping cut costs

    Containers are getting lighter. This cuts shipping costs but increases the risk of paneling or collapse. PSI works with the designers and manufacturers of advanced packaging products to incorporate innovative venting solutions. Together, we help businesses cut the total cost of packaging.